• First Forte Consultancy FZE assumes financial data obtained from client companies to be correct and carries no responsibility for ensuring the accuracy or validity of that data.
  • First Forte Consultancy FZE reviews the financial data to ensure that basic criteria are met, such as arithmetic validation and examining data for large variances
  • In some cases, where First Forte Consultancy FZE has calculated equity cash flows,valuations. Returns and other statistics based on financial data obtained from client companies, First Forte Consultancy FZE makes all reasonable efforts to ensure the validity of calculations presented in the reports, but minor errors are possible.
  • First Forte Consultancy FZE will endeavour to provide the most complete and relevant information possible and may from time to time make changes to the reports.
  • First Forte Consultancy FZE has discretion on the choice of charts, cash flows, valuations, returns and other statistics presented in the reports.
  • The information provided by First Forte Consultancy FZE should not be considered an investment recommendation. First Forte Consultancy FZE carries no liability for any investment decision based on reported data.
Disclosure First Forte Consultancy FZE has been mandated in most cases by each of their client companies to facilitate the introduction of parties who may wish to provide equity and/or debt finance for the projects/purposes listed.
First Forte Consultancy FZE's main source of revenue is from client investee companies, either through a retainer and/or success fee for introduction of parties who subsequently decide to participate in equity and/or debt financing in the investee company.
Potential investor parties should therefore seek their own independent advice in relation to the opportunities presented by First Forte Consultancy FZE. If an investor requires more detailed information about an opportunity, a confidentiality and non-circumvention agreement must be signed and all enquiries routed through First Forte Consultancy FZE in the first instance.